Baby Gender Choice

In the course of this issue of baby gender determination, I have been asked many questions. This is understandable, because to some couples whether the next baby is a boy or girl is extremely important in their life. If you have one boy and one girl you are lucky because that is what you are. Ask a wife with three girls dying to have a boy; you will understand what I mean. Both are gifts of God but ask any couple, they will tell you they want both. And those looking for a specific one will pay anything to get the gender of their choice.

baby gender choice review

In this essay, I will answer some of the frequently asked questions. I must say they are not necessarily in order of importance.

1 Q. Can a couple determine the sex of their next baby?

A. Yes, to at least 94% accuracy, if they do some things in certain ways.

2. Q. Do the types of food eaten by the woman affect the gender of the baby?

A. Yes. What the woman eats affects the chemistry of her body. Some food make the system favorable to a baby boy while others make it favorable for a baby girl.

3. Q. What do you understand by pH?

A PH is a scale of alkalinity or acidity of a system. Acidic situation favors a baby girl while alkaline Environment favors a baby boy

4.Q. Does sex position influence the sex of a baby?

. A. Yes it does. Some sex for baby positions will increase your chance of having a baby boy while some will favor the conception of a baby girl

5 Q. After conception, is there anything you can do to influence the sex of the baby?

A No. Absolutely no. If you have to influence the sex of your baby, it has to be before conception. when the baby is formed that is all. Period.

6 Q. How safe are the natural ways to determine the gender of a baby.?

A Safe. Very safe.

7.Q. Woman's orgasm before or after the man's orgasm does it have any effect on the sex of the baby>

A. Yes to some extent. Remember we said, to have a gender of your choice you have to do some things in certain ways and regulating orgasm is one of them.

8. Q. Some people say the old wives tales or myths about baby gender determination are facts, yes or no?

A No, they are not. They just add fun to this issue of baby gender determination.

9. Q. How do you determine pH?

A.There are strips sold at health food stores Use them to check the virginal secretion pH.

10. Q. Why is the Y chromosome sperm so much talked about when it comes to the issue of baby gender prediction..

A. When the Y chromosome fertilizes the egg, you have a boy. The woman's chromosomes are X and X while the man's are Y and X. YX gives a boy while XX gives a girl. Making fertilization difficult for the Y tilts the chance on the side of a baby girl. On the other hand, if you do things to make fertilization of the egg easy for Y chromosome, you are tilting the chance in favor of a baby boy. The idea is control how the Y chromosome performs.

11 Q. Are there scientific ways to influence the gender of a baby?.

A. Yes there are. Preimplantation Genetics Diagnosis (PGD) is one of them. They are expensive and evasive. I advise the natural ways.

12 Q. How do you get the required pH?

A.There are two ways. One is to adjust your diet to get the ph you desire. The other is the douche method . You may combine both and stop when you have achieve
the pH you desire.

Are there more questions? Of course, there may be but the above are the ones that I have been asked frequently on baby gender selection. I will be the first to agree that they are not exhaustive but using these answers with other tips in other essays will tremendously increase your chance of having a gender of your choice.

Baby Gender Choice


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